Sunday, November 9, 2008

Anywhere but here

I LOVE this little church on the way to Estes Park!

Us being silly at the pumpkin patch
This is the view from my grandparents house
Look, it's really fall!

This is the airport we flew in and out of. It's no McCarran!
Waiting for the plane so we could go home =(

My family and I recently went to Colorado because my grandfather passed away. I have ALWAYS loved Colorado but going during the fall season grew a deeper love for it in my heart! It was so nice to see the leaves turn orange and fall on the ground. The weather was chilly and crisp. Their idea of a pumpkin patch wasn't one set up in a shopping center parking lot, they were actually set up on farms, real farms! One night we went to a haunted corn maze (of course, the chicken that I am backed out at the last minute) but from what everyone said, it was awesome! People still walk down the street and look you in the eyes and greet you (whereas here in Las Vegas, you are afraid to look people in the eye). Their DMV had only 10 counters and when we walked in the place was empty. I have always wanted to live somewhere other than Vegas but after this trip, I am more convinced than ever. I want to live in a small place where you can experience the culture, seasons and no lines at the DMV. The only thing holding me back here is having such a close relationship with my family. If they all said "ok, let's go," I would be the first one packed. I couldn't move away from my family yet, just the idea of missing Sunday dinner's or hanging out at my parents house makes me weepy. Well, I guess this dream of mine will have to be put on hold for now but maybe someday, I can live anywhere but here......